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||Been debating myself now for months, shall see how it goes. Commissions are now open||

Terms Of Service


Asking for a Commission

Describe what you want, links to images and such if you have any, describe the character how they are like etc.
Don’t expect more than what I’ve shown I can do.
Send it to:  


gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,


Very well guys, friends and followers, commissions are open again! 

Commission Time! 

I’m back!

And this time is because i need to pay my bills and my art school.

However there are only a few things to know: 

-No blood and gore request 

-I also accept NSFW requests 

-I accept payment in Euros and USD 

-There are only 8 slots available 

-I accept payments via paypal, my address is 

-For more information contact me